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Shiloh’s Story

Shiloh’s Story

By Lew Olson • June 2007 Newsletter
The information contained in this newsletter should only be used as a guideline. Always make sure you have a correct diagnosis from your veterinarian before proceeding and always follow their directions and protocol.

Shiloh’s Story

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June 2007


Lew Olson,

PhD Natural Health, LMSW-ACP

For June’s newsletter, I would like for you to meet Joanie Patrick. I met Joanie at my presentation at a Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club meeting in Houston, Texas on March 30, 2007. She shared a heartwarming rescue story with me about a Golden Retriever named Shiloh that I would like to share with you. For those of you out there that rescue, work with rescues, and foster for rescues, you all know how many tragedies we see and hear about. That is why it is always nice to hear a rescue story that comes with a happy ending. It reminds us why we do what we do for rescue!

Here’s Shiloh’s story

Shiloh is a female golden retriever puppy that was sold to a family by a breeder. As a very young puppy, Shiloh came down with a horrible case of demodeciosis or demodectic mange. The owners tried to cure the problem with mitaban baths at home, but could not get the problem under control. It would not go away or improve. Frustrated, the owners attempted to bring the puppy back to the breeder; however they found out the breeder wanted nothing to do with them or the puppy. Unable to deal with Shiloh’s skin condition, the family made the decision to surrender her into rescue. She was surrendered to rescue at 8 months of age.

At the time Shiloh arrived, she had no hair on her face, chest, stomach and legs. Her skin was so dry and cracked that she would start bleeding if her skin was touched. Her face was so bad she could hardly open her eyes. She was one sad puppy!

I agreed to foster Shiloh and as her foster mom, I tried not to get too attached to her or her pathetic case, but I wondered who in the world would adopt her.

To begin addressing Shiloh’s skin condition, I switched her over to a raw diet, and with the help, advice and support of Tracey Rentcome from Bones2Go, I also began adding to her diet the B-Natural’s supplements Berte’s Immune Blend, Berte’s Ultra Probiotic and fish oil.

With the change in diet and the addition of some good supplements, Shiloh began to show me what she was made of and within a week I began to see improvement. I rejoiced every time I spotted new hair!

Before long, the light came on in her sad eyes and one tough little girl began to emerge. It didn’t take long before she was happily swimming, retrieving and frolicking with (okay, bossing around) her two big foster brothers.

I was really indignant that not one adoption application was interested in her. Well, maybe with that said, you can guess where this is going. We all realized what Shiloh already knew! She had found her forever home. And we are proud to say that today, she is healthy, smart and most importantly, happy. As for us, well we can’t imagine life without Shiloh, our “Ugly Duckling” turned “Cinderella!”

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