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Links & Lists

At B-Naturals, we believe that companion animals should be cared for as naturally as possible. Listed below are a variety of reference links for you to explore to learn about holistic pet care. Happy surfing!

Health Issues and Concerns

Want to Feed the Best Diet for Your Dog, But Don’t Know How?

Now there is a fast and easy way to learn! Check out Lew Olson’s easy-to-follow, on-line course videos! Read on to learn about Canine Nutrition and preparing Raw and Home Cooked Diets! Click for Video
The Dog Genome Project
Animal Diseases
General Web Site for Vets, First Aid, etc.
Caring for Pets With Cancer – Dr. Hahn
Robin’s Canine Cancer Files
Dogs Get Cancer from Weed Killers
Diet for Dogs With Cancer and Supplement Suggestions
Warnings on Deramaxx
Analysis of Raw Meaty Bones
Dangers of Tylenol to Dogs and Cats
Warnings on Metacam
Dr. Olgivie’s Nutrition and Cancer Research
The best kidney information, including diet
Warnings on Rimadyl
Canine Autoimmune Thyroid Disease by W. Jean Dodds DVM
Canine Epilepsy Resource Center
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFFA)
Immune Deficiencies & Autoimmunity
Senior Dog Issues
Canine Genetics Resources
Canine Genetics Research
Subaortic Stenosis – genetic heart defect information
Warnings and Information on Etogesic
Adverse Drug Experience Reporting
List of Low Oxalate Foods
Why Cholesterol does not affect dogs as humans
How to contact Dr. Jean Dodds for submitting Blood Panels for Thyroid tests
The Navy Protocol
Alternative Veterinary Medicine

Vaccination Information

Vaccination in Animals
Reprint of an Article About Pitcairn on Vaccines
The Vaccination Debate: Dean vs O’Driscoll
Revaccination Information
Titer Information
Puppy Vaccination Information
Vaccinations-More Harm Than Good?
Adverse Reactions to Vaccinations
They Shoot Horses But Vaccinate Dogs (and children)
Vaccinations: A Word of Caution for Our Animals
Titers: What Do They Tell Us?

Websites on Cushings

Cushing’s Disease at Peteducation.com
Cushing’s Syndrome at Skinvet.com
Cushing’s Disease at Vetinfo.com
Cushing’s Treatment at Vetinfo.com
Cushing’s Syndrome at Auburn
Cushing’s Disease at Canismajor.com
Cushing’s Syndrome at Ausvet’s

Masticatory Muscle Myostis

Masticatory Myositis at Dr. Jeff Vidt
Eosinophilic myositis at the Canine Inherited Disorders Database
Mouth and Jaw Problems and Pains at Vetinfo4dogs.com
Diagnosis: Masticatory muscle Myositis at Labanimal.com
Neuromuscular Disorders Affecting Young Dogs and Cats by G. Diane Shelton DVM, Ph.D
(this covers all sorts of neuro illness’ including MD)
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach to Orbital Disease in Dogs and Cats by David T. Ramsey, DVM
Photos of muscles at neurovet.org

Links on Leptospirosis

Canine Leptospirosis at Labbies.com
New Forms of Old Disease, Liptospirosis, Threaten Dogs in US from Cornell University
Leptospirosis in dogs – Current Status by P.L. McDonough


USDA Nutrient Database
The Dog Food Comparison Charts
Directions For Making Yogurt at Home
Risk of Feeding Raw Chicken Wings
API’s What’s Really in Pet Foods
Polluted Pet Food
Dr. Tom Lonsdale’s Raw Meaty Bones
Mary Straus’s Dog Feeding Information and Links
Aunt Jeni’s Health Column (Nutrition Tips)
Susan Johnson’s Switching to Raw
BARF (bones and raw food) FAQ Website
Anatomy of a Carnivore & Dietary Needs
A Pictorial and Instructions on the Raw Diet

Emergency First Aid

Emergency Dog Links
Animal CPR
Snake Bite Emergency First Aid
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Newsletters and Magazines

Pet Health News
B-Naturals Newsletters
ASPCA Newsletter
Animal Wellness Magazine
Whole Dog Journal
Cornell’s DogWatch
Tufts’ Your Dog


The Rainbow Bridge
Canine Health Census
The Official A.K.C. Web Page
Canine Companions For Independence