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Feeding On the Go!

Feeding On the Go!

By Lew Olson • March 2002 Newsletter
Many of our dogs are frequent travelers. They often accompany us on vacations, travel with professional handlers or ourselves to dog shows or other performance events. Regardless of the type of travel your dog will be experiencing, there is always the consideration of feeding that needs to be taken into account when planning your trip. If your dog eats a commercial kibble diet, the primary concern is making sure you will have plenty of the same brand of dog food for the duration of the trip. Always be sure to keep the dry food in well-sealed containers for long road trips to protect the food from dirt, and moisture.

If you are feeding a raw or homemade diet, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account. The task of planning and preparing the raw or homemade diet for the road can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. It can really be quite simple.

The essential non-food items you will need pack for your trip include a cooler (one you can add ice to or one you can plug into a cigarette lighter in your car or a regular outlet), extra zip lock bags, small plastic garbage bags for clean up, paper towels and utensils for cutting and mixing your dog’s food.
Many people worry about packing the food items and balancing the nutrients, but please remember that the main idea of a raw diet is to balance the nutrients over time. When you are planning and preparing your dogs meals, their favorite meaty bones such as chicken necks and backs, pork neck bones or turkey necks can be sorted by meal size and placed into individual freezer bags and frozen in advance. Two to three days of these raw meaty bone meals can travel well in a cooler. Additional raw meaty bones can be found at any grocery store, so know where the local grocery stores are in the area where you will be traveling.
For variety, you can alternate meals with hamburger or another red meat you have either packed or purchased at the supermarket. For more variety, eggs, whole milk yogurt and cottage cheese can also be easily added during a road trip. Don’t forget about the canned meal you can provide, too! For a second meal you can give canned mackerel or salmon mixed with either plain canned pumpkin or canned mixed vegetables.
The beauty of feeding a raw diet is that the foods you normally feed your dog are easily found at any local grocery store so you can ensure your dog has a healthy, consistent diet.
Please remember that no matter what your dog is eating, a commercial kibble diet or your own raw natural diet, bring along either bottled water or water from home. Oftentimes, changes in water can cause digestive upsets in dogs. Also be sure to bring your dog’s own individual food and water bowls for feeding and try to feed your dog at the same time they are accustomed to eating at home. By providing routine and a few comforts from home, you can help alleviate some of the stresses of traveling.
Some Helpful Travel Supplements
Bertes Immune Blend
This liver flavored powdered supplement includes vitamin C, a vitamin B complex, vitamin E, selenium and bioflavanoids for antioxidants to help keep the immune system strong during times of stress. It also contains digestive enzymes and acidophilus to help keep beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract and to help stool formation. It comes is in powdered form and is packaged in a plastic non-breakable container. It is so convenient. You just add it to your dogês food. They love the liver flavor. It is also a very easy all-in-one supplement to use while your dog is at a boarding kennel or on the road traveling with a dog show handler.
Tasha's Traveler Tummy Formula
This herbal tincture contains ginger, chamomile, peppermint and meadowsweet. This blend helps to fight nausea, settle the stomach and help to reduce anxiety and motion sickness. Give twenty minutes before traveling and repeat in four hours if necessary. Travel Tummy contains no alcohol and comes in a convenient dropper top bottle for easy administration.
Thayer’s Witch Hazel with Aloe
A great formula to have on hand for hot spots, itchiness, ear problems and minor scrapes or cuts. The witch hazel helps to stop itching and the aloe helps to cool and heal the area. This comes in an unbreakable plastic squirt bottle for easy application.
Rescue & Relief Essence
This is a “must have” item for any first aid kit. It is useful in helping minimize the effects of any sudden trauma, stress or panic. It is also helpful during any onset of illness. Rescue & Relief Essence can be applied in the mouth with the handy dropper top, on the skin in an area such as the ear leather, or it can be applied to the drinking water.
Other items that are good to include in a first aid kit for your dog include:
Halo Derma Dream
A great salve for irritation and wounds.
Lavender Oil
An essential oil. Apply just a few drops to the tummy and it helps to reduce anxiety.
Willow Bark Formula
This great tincture is a blend of herbs to help relieve inflammation, pain and discomfort. Use only with food.
Introducing Bertes Green Blend!
Finally, a blend of sea vegetation that is yeast free! The Bertes Green Blend is a dark, fresh smelling green mix that contains dried sea vegetation, blue green algae, spirulina powder, iris moss powder, dulce, fenugreek seed, anethol-fennel, lemon peel powder and garlic. Great for helping with energy, aids the thyroid, helps boost the immune system, enhance coat color and a good tonic for digestion, high in GLA and great for skin and coat. This blend is not only recommended for dogs and cats, but also great for birds!
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