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Diet Is Essential to Health

By Pam Craig, DVM, CVA • November 2002 Newsletter
We would like to introduce another special guest this month. Her name is Pam Craig, DVM, CVA and she is the owner and founder of Animas Veterinary Clinic located in Grayslake, Illinois. Dr. Craig’s cover letter for her Veterinary Clinic’s Autumn 2002 newsletter discusses some of the effects of raw vs. processed foods and how important diet and nutrition are to good health. We have received special permission from Pam Craig to share her letter with you today.

Animas (Ah-nee-mahs) is Latin for spirit or soul. To those at Animas Veterinary Clinic, Animas means “Our spirit is here.”

Dear Caregivers:
I have just returned from a wonderful holistic veterinary conference. Many of the prominent leaders in holistic health care for animals were in attendance, and we all benefited from the wisdom that was so graciously shared.
A common theme throughout the sessions was a concern over the highly processed diets of our companion animals. I’ve always believed that a raw or home-cooked diet is far superior to processed foods, even the premium foods sold at specialty stores.
Well, now the evidence is in, and it overwhelmingly shows not only that raw diets are far superior in nutrient value, but that processed foods are actually harmful, because they contain many damaging free radicals, toxins, harmful preservatives and more.
A multi-generational study comparing the effects of raw vs. processed foods found that diets of processed foods led to multiple degenerative disorders, including thyroid disorders, allergies, dental disease and more — and that the situation worsens with each succeeding generation.
The biologically inappropriate ingredients in processed foods include masses of grain and grain by-products, heat-damaged proteins and fats, a vitamin and mineral pre-mix and a chemical cocktail of colorings, flavorings, sugar, salt and industrial preservatives.
Mixed together, this base is subjected to extreme heat, causing further chemical reactions. This results in compounds which are totally foreign to the body, and which aren’t even recognized as food! As the process continues, the resulting cubes of dry “food” are sprayed with fat, followed by a chicken “digest.”
Premium foods really aren’t much better than the cheaper ones, except that they contain higher levels of protein. They still have high levels of starch and heat damaged fats (which may yield shiny coats, but they ALSO help produce a whole spectrum of degenerative disease, from diabetes to cancer.)
Diet is essential to health. And this new research presents the need for a radical change. Raw isn’t always a reality, but there are other things that can be done to improve the diet. Supplements, antioxidants and digestive enzymes can all be used to maximize a processed food diet.
Cost, time and convenience are important to consider, but let’s make sure, as we feed our loved ones — both the two- and four-legged variety — that we truly provide them with the quality of nourishment that will help each one reach its own beautiful, individual potential. We are happy to advise on how to feed your animal companions.
Your veterinarian,
Pam Craig, DVM, CVA
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