Lew Olson's newly revised edition is filled with an abundance of new topics and information. Whether you are new to home feeding or a seasoned raw feeder, have a senior dog or a new puppy, a pregnant mom or a toy breed, this book presents all the information you need to make the best nutritional decisions for your dog.

Diet and History Information on Feeding Dogs

This month I asked for suggestions for the December B-Naturals newsletter and I received several. After receiving several responses, I realized many people may not be aware that I have been writing and distributing this newsletter since 1998. I think I have written a newsletter on almost every topic regarding canine diet, health and Nutrition, which is why I wanted some suggestions this month!

One person asked for a list of supplements dogs need and the recommended amounts per the weight of the dog. Well, here you go!


Want to Feed the Best Diet for Your Dog, But Don’t Know How?

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Another K9Nutrition member asked about writing an article on how to balance diets. Voila! https://www.b-naturals.com/newsletter/how-do-i-know-if-i-am-feeding-a-nutritionally-balanced-diet/

Another K9Nutrition member asked me to write about the history of dog food. Well, here it is! https://www.b-naturals.com/newsletter/history-of-dog-food/

If you are looking for diet or health information for your dog, go to the B-Naturals.com website to scan my newsletters. The following link will bring you to the most recent newsletter issued that lists the various newsletters by topic/health issue.


Another person asked me which is better to feed my dog, raw or home cooked diets? There is no one right answer to this question. Personally, I like to feed raw meat and bones or blends with bones. Raw is easy for me because I have the time available. Some people are comfortable preparing home cooked meals and that is fine. I tell people, feed raw or cooked. It depends on your preference! I also suggest to people to invest in my book, “Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs”, as it offers recipes for both raw and cooked diets and it also includes information on diets and nutrition needs for specific health conditions and offers the recommended vitamins and supplements for canine health.

Lastly, I ask that you do not try and make the raw or cooked diets difficult, because they are not! Anyone who sells detailed diets, weird combinations, or uses starches in the diet … RUN, don’t walk away. It is not hard to feed your dog!

If you have further questions, I offer one-on-one consults for people that are 30 minutes long and it includes two follow ups. These consults may be just what you need and they also make an excellent gift for any of your dog owner friends! You can email me at lewolson@earthlink.net to sign up or request a gift certificate for one of your dog loving friends!