Lew Olson's newly revised edition is filled with an abundance of new topics and information. Whether you are new to home feeding or a seasoned raw feeder, have a senior dog or a new puppy, a pregnant mom or a toy breed, this book presents all the information you need to make the best nutritional decisions for your dog.

How Do I Know if I am Feeding a Nutritionally Balanced Diet?

A common concern for dog owners who are feeding a home prepared diet is whether or not it is ‘complete’. People worry that it won’t be nutritionally balanced and that their dog will miss essential nutrients that can only be found in commercial dog food.

Minerals in Canines

Minerals in Canines By Lew Olson • February 2006 Newsletter The issue of minerals is important in canine nutrition. Too often this subject is misunderstood. Minerals often need to be balanced with each other in the diet to work well. Giving too much of one mineral and not enough of another can affect growth and … Read more