Lew Olson's newly revised edition is filled with an abundance of new topics and information. Whether you are new to home feeding or a seasoned raw feeder, have a senior dog or a new puppy, a pregnant mom or a toy breed, this book presents all the information you need to make the best nutritional decisions for your dog.

Bodie’s Story

Bodie is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Cattle Dog mix who survived Mandibular cancer. Bodie’s owners used nutrition to help Bodie recover from cancer. This story was written by Bodie’s owners.

Anatomy of a Carnivore

Anatomy of a Carnivore By Lew Olson • Spring 1999 Newsletter This article is written to address the current confusion of the dietary needs of the domestic dog. The dog has been a companion to humans for at least 10,000 to 14,000 years, although current molecular data shows that the dog may be much older. … Read more