Lew Olson's newly revised edition is filled with an abundance of new topics and information. Whether you are new to home feeding or a seasoned raw feeder, have a senior dog or a new puppy, a pregnant mom or a toy breed, this book presents all the information you need to make the best nutritional decisions for your dog.

Benefits of Enzymes and Probiotics

I often get requests from people wanting digestive aids for their dogs. By the questions I receive, it seems either folks do not understand the differences between enzymes and probiotics, or they get the two confused. This newsletter explains the differences and benefits of both so you can make the right choices for your dogs. … Read more

Feeding Raw is Easy AND Safe!

In light of the newest pet food recalls, there is no better time than now to switch to a raw diet. If you have been thinking about switching to raw but need the right motivation to do so, just read the news about the recalls! As numerous pet food recalls were made public over the … Read more

Kidney Diets and Treatment Options

Last month we discussed some of the causes of kidney problems, diagnostic tests that needed to be run to determine the cause, supplements that help support kidney function, and the importance of diet during both the growing years and throughout the lifetime of the dog to promote healthy kidneys and organs. Should you find out … Read more

Age in Senior Dogs Does Not Cause Renal Failure

I often get questions on adult or senior dogs with kidney or renal problems. These dogs often have elevated BUN and Creatinine level results in their blood work. The main question I am asked are, ‘What are the best diet and supplements to give these dogs?’ While I am asked the same question all the … Read more

Dogs and Incontinence

Incontinence (leakage of urine) in dogs can happen to both males and females. The incontinence may be as mild as a few drops of urine to emptying the entire bladder contents. It can happen as early as puppyhood, later on during senior years and any time in between. The causes of incontinence are varied. Certain … Read more

Resources for Nutrition and Health Problems

Happy New Year! To start the year out, I wanted to put together list of websites that include articles and information on the most common health concerns and frequently asked questions that I receive from people. The two areas that I cover in this newsletter are nutrition and health issues. This is a good resource … Read more

‘As Natural as Possible’ Puppy Whelping and Rearing!

I started to write an article on 'natural' puppy whelping and rearing, but quickly realized I incorporate both natural and traditional practices to achieve the best results and success.  Good animal husbandry includes what is safest and what works most efficiently.  In my years of puppy whelping and rearing, I have found you need both … Read more