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Filed Under (Bladder Stones, Dog Cystitis and UTI, Dog Urinary Crystals, UTI) by B-Naturals.com on 01-01-2010

Cystinuria is a genetic defect in the kidney tubules; it can affect dogs, humans, and a few other species. Normal kidneys filter the amino acid cystine and do not allow it to go into the urine. In individuals with cystinuria, this filtering action fails, and cystine passes into the urine, where it can form crystals and/or stones (uroliths). If stones form, they can block the urethra and obstruct urinary flow, especially in males.

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There are a variety of stones and crystals that can affect our dogs. I often get inquiries on how to treat stones when diagnosed during a veterinarian visit. The first question I ask is, “What type of crystal or stones was found?” Each type of crystal or stone is addressed in two very different approaches.

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Some health conditions may call for changes in the diet for your dog. While there are many commercial prescription diets for some health conditions, you can prepare fresh food diets at home. A fresh food diet can provide a variety of foods that can be helpful in insuring the best nutrition and help keep the fussiest dog’s appetite up so he will continue eating.

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Filed Under (Bladder Stones) by B-Naturals.com on 12-01-2002

Bladder Stones and Crystals By Lew Olson • December 2002 Newsletter Bladder stones and crystals can be an aggravating problem, both in dogs and cats. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be part of these conditions, but not always. The main topic addressed here will be on bladder symptoms, as kidney stones are much more rare […]