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Berte’s Story


By Lew Olson – Berte’s Breeder, Handler and Human Companion

Berte’s name (pronounced in two syllables to rhyme with “birdy”) is used in our B-Naturals business and product line as a loving tribute to a wonderful canine companion who excelled in obedience and in the ring. This is his story…

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Berte was my first Rottweiler. I got him in 1979. I had seen Rottweilers at a dog show in Chicago and immediately fell in love with the breed. They were considered “rare” at the time and carried no stigma on temperament (which I still don’t understand, it is about the owner, but that is another story…). There were very few folks breeding them at that time, so I had to do a bit of research.

He was not my first dog, but he was my first Rottweiler. Prior to that I had a couple of Doberman Pinchers and several American Black and Tan Coonhounds. I was looking for something calmer than a Doberman and a more willing worker than a Coonhound. I really did get the best of both worlds!
Berte was not only a wonderful obedience dog, but also a great show dog and he loved to lure course. He came to work with me immediately (at a family owned garden center) and he was my constant companion. He was one of those dogs who seemed to know what I was thinking. He was very special to my heart.
He got his championship at 20 months (handled by me) and also got his first obedience title the same weekend he got his championship (also handled by me). I later sent him with a handler where he remained in the top ten Rottweilers for three years and won the Medallion Rottweiler Club specialty in 1985. After he retired, he achieved his CDX (companion dog excellent, an obedience title) at age seven.
Berte lived to be 13 years of age and achieved the American Rottweiler Club status of Gold Sire, and the Medallion Rottweiller Club achievement of being inducted into the “Hall of Fame.” He is also the father of BISS BIS A/C Champion Cannon River Oil Tanker CD, who has the most “Best in Shows” of any Rottweiler to date. Berte also is the sire of 38 other champion offspring, including other “Best in Show” kids and specialty winning kids.
Berte developed some arthritis when he got older, and it was through him that I learned about acupuncture and homeopathic remedies. He had also been on vitamins all his life; but regretfully, not on a raw diet – he always got raw meaty bones though.
Mike Liberato, my B-Naturals business partner, became my friend when he approached me at a dog show, looking for a puppy out of Berte. That brought Mike to owning Ch Cannon River Stowaway CD (Bravo). He also won an award of merit at the Medallion Rottweiler Club and had several working group placements. He also looked a lot like Berte!
Berte was well known for his solid topline, wonderful side movement and his great temperament. He was just a great companion, willing worker and he was always there for me. He is in all the pedigrees of all my Rottweilers, and is certainly a quality in my bloodlines I simply don’t want to lose.
And, as with any dog (or person) we love, I want to make sure all my dogs have the best diet, supplements and physical and mental exercise that they deserve as beloved family members.
What Berte helped me learn, and what I have learned since, I simply want to share with all dog owners. We all want the best health, the best life and longevity from our loyal companions who are always there for us.

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