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Animal Essentials Milk Thistle (2 oz)

Description: Milk Thistle helps to promote healthy liver cell function, restore metabolic balance and helps prevent toxins from putting additional stress on the liver. This herb is especially helpful for chronic liver conditions and supports the liver after vaccinations and anesthesia. For Dog and Cats. Size: 2 oz Recommended Dosage: Dogs under 30lbs 10-20 drops (0.25 to 0.5ml) 1-2 times daily. Dogs over 30 lbs 20-40 drops (0.5 to 1ml) 1-2 times daily. Cats 10-20 drops (approx. 0.25ml) 1-2 times daily. Active Ingredients (per 1 ml): Certified organic Milk Thistle seed extract 1:4 (250mg), Silymarin (30mg). Information: Contains Milk Thistle Extract. Used to support healthy skin, coat and liver function. Often used as a component in various detoxification protocols.
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Azmira Skin & Liv-A-Plex (1 oz)

Description: Skin & Liv-A-Plex herbal extract addresses liver congestion and poor metabolism responsible for the manifestation of skin and coat disorders. It also aids toxic livers, improper fatty metabolism, impure blood, bacterial growth, disorders associated with hormonal imbalance and liver metabolism. Dosage: Mix with small amount of food: 1 drop per 5 pounds of body weight, 3-4 times daily Ingredients: Contains Milk Thistle Seed (for toxic liver), Fresh Yellow Dock (for improper fatty metabolism), Fresh Burdock Root (for blood impurities), Fresh Echinacea Augustifolia and Purpura (for bacteria growth), Sarsaparilla Root (disorders associated with hormonal imbalance) and Oregon Grape Root (aids liver metabolism).
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