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HAC Rescue & Relief (1/2 oz)

HAC Rescue & Relief (1/2 oz)

Description: Rescue & Relief Essence is a must to have on hand in your first aid kit. It helps to minimize the effects of any sudden trauma or loss. It reduces states of panic or grief from an accident, or emotionally difficult experience. Helps during onset of illness, too.

Dosage: Give between meals: 2 to 6 drops orally, 3 times a day

Ingredients: Contains the Bach Flower Remedies Star of Bethlehem (reduces trauma, shock and grief), Rock Rose (for panic, fear and terror), Clematis (reduces fainting and spaceyness), Impatiens (for stress, tension and irritability) and Cherry Plum (to help maintain control).

Information: Can repeat every 5 to 15 minutes initially up to 1 hour, as needed. May be added to water dish.

Name: HAC Rescue & Relief (1/2 oz)
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